Nation Building

Nation Building

Die Pharaonen haben Ägypten begründet, der Arabische Frühling hat es vernichtet.

Garibaldi hat Italien begründet, Berlusconi hat es vernichtet.

Robespierre hat der Grande Nation die Freiheit verkündet, Narkozy und Hollande haben La France vernichtet.

Franco gründete mit dem Teufel das neue Spanien, die Banks too big to fail verkündeten den Todesstoss.

Queen Victoria hat Britannien begründet, Thatcher hat das Reich vernichtet.

Hitler hat per Gruss das Reich Deutschland und Israel begründet, Kohl und Merkel und Netanjuhu haben diese Nationen vernichtet.

Die Morgartener haben die Schweiz erstellt, Christus Blocher hat diese Tax Fraud Blase vernichtet.

Die Samurai haben Japan begründet, Abe hat Japan vernichtet.

Die Indianer haben die USA begründet, Ronald und Hillary sorgten für den Ruin dieses blöden Staates.

Lenin hat Russland aus der Taufe geholt, die Oligarchen haben es ruiniert.

Monnet und Adenauer haben die EU auf die Beine gestellt, Draghi und das IMF haben Europa ruiniert.

Die Alten Griechen brachten die Demokratie über Griechenland, die Hedge Funds der Juden haben es ruiniert.

Die Juden der Gier um Abraham Lincoln haben die Wall Street begründet und die Juden der Gier um Ronald und Obama des neoliberalen Denkens haben die Wall Street und die Weltfinanzindustrie vernichtet.

Klaus Schwab hat das WEF gegründet zwecks Vernichtung der Welt.

Die Afro-Neger haben die Karibik gebaut, der Steuerbetrug der Amis hat es vernichtet.

Die Bauern aller Nationen haben die Ländereien bebaut, die Kapitalisten der USA und Russlands haben diese vernichtet.

Thomas Morus erklärte wie man ein Utopia erstellt, René Delavy erklärte, wie und warum unsere Dreckswelt dem Crash zustrebt und längst verloren ist.

Ja, und dann habe ich noch einen anderen Text, vor vielen Jahren verfasst....

René Delavy - Berlin and Bournemouth

October 2016

Nation-Building - viewed from the year 2000

Dear Reader: Today you will learn all about Nation-Building - hopefully also about your own nation. This will be the shortest history lesson, you will ever have had - and the most relevant too:


As everybody knows, three peasants appeared on the Ruetli-Alm above the Lake of Lucerne, in August 1291, and shouted like hell to heaven: "We will be one folks of Brothers, not shake in view of danger and other shit. We will love our women no longer from behind. And we will respect them like our own cows!" It was true: Females got the right to vote like men about 1979 or so. And they did sex from now on from all sides. Today, they still keep the promise and have built a brotherhood of Bankers, abzocking the rest of world. And the tax paradises are now in Zug, Schwyz, Zurich and Geneva, and the nicest whores in Downtown Switzerland, near Unique Airport, in reach of WEF in Davos, at disposal of Schwab's nest of the most hideous Economics ever seen. And so Switzerland is assumed to be the most democratic State on Earth.


She shouted: "If they cannot afford bread and water, give them cake and champagne to buy!" These were the last words before Marie-Antoinette was dying under the falling guillotine. Well later came a little and fierce chap from Corsica, first under the name of Napoleon and later Sirkossi or so. He was a biological wonder: Living over 300 years until today. For some times, he disappeared in a grave like the famous flatter-mouse from Romania, and so de Gaulle and Mitterrand had some chances to govern France to death. But today, the former Napoleon reappeared under name of Sakozzi or so, to bring freedom and happiness over to all rich Frenchmen, if they possess at least a billion. And the other Frogs must be kept happy, not knowing what freedom is, and paying therefore taxes for the Rock 'n' Rollers, who have all cash and shares on tax-free Swiss Banks' portfolios.


Some new-born Christs with high ethics went over the Ocean, since England's predecessors of Blair could no longer stand their bigot behaviourism. Over there they killed all bison-bulls and Red Indians and put on the land some casinos, like Las Vegas, Los Angelis, Wall-Street and Holly-Wood. With their highly developed Friedman and Popper capitalism and with help of World Bandits and IMFuck, they globalised the Globe and neo-liberalised first Europe, then Israel, Chile, followed by Vietnam, Russia, China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Togo - ending all up in a bankruptcy of cash and false ideology. But today they still have hegemony and no cash and brains left. Their stupid CIA can only be underpassed by Russian, Chinese and Israeli Intelligence. Instead of a heart, 99 percent of republicans have about the brightness of Ann Coulter and Dick Cheney. But then appeared a Bush in the desert, pissing around himself and leaving a void state, consequently hated by rest of the planet. But U.S. still believe having brought freedom, democracy and happiness in the world forever.


When the Tsar of Russia went to Ras-Putin, he knew that the only way to govern his folks, is to take them for idiots from the morning to the evening, a model copied later by Stalin. If ever oil or gas should be found, the best way to handle the matter would be giving it to the eternal Ras-Putin, who changed name, not to be recognized around 2000. He invented a new category of people, the oligarchs, gave them the treasures for nothing, trillions in value, pushed them under the Yoke of Taxes and then shouted: "Oil and gas belong not to the ones who live on original grounds, but to Moscow, more precisely to me personally!" I am not fair: This late Ras-Putin is a nice guy, compared with Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Bush, a real sugar. Russians love him. And if he left behind a blood track, like the U.S. in South America and Africa, at least it was in own lands. And recently, he promised to leave freedom and democracy behind - and to go by free will in a Gulag. Well, I may invite him to stay at my place, because in comparison to other power-men, he was somehow a real sweety.


They started well: Goethe, Bach, Mozart (well he was Austrian, but that made no difference about 1942), and Nietzsche, Kant, Schopenhauer and Kohl. So far everything would have been fine, if not another Austrian with name Hitler would have popped up in Munich. The Germans, always believing in heroes and big heads, made him dictator over Germany, Poland, France, Europe and the World, called "The 3rd Reich". His life ended sadly: One day he realized that he should never have attacked Russia inclusive Stalin, and so he ran Cheap Army-Airlines until he was poisoned and died. The Germans in their Valkyrie's attitude have decided to follow him and use today as many Scrap-Airlines as ever possible. Or they mix up with Chrusler-Carmonsters and get Mercedes buried. Or they creep in the Arsehole of a Bush, by electing a Golden Markella, escaped from social near East. She is of such a naivety that democracy will crash sooner or later in the near future. 


They are not responsible. It was Hitler, he made WW II and he wanted to kill all Jews. And so the Europeans looked out for a new State, found some ancient homelands at Arab shore and stole the land from Palestinians. Israelis worked hard for some atom missiles, but built not a nation but some settlements instead, on land not belonging them. And they had war against little children, called Intifada, taking excuse on so-called terror of al Qaeda, which in fact is a reaction on U.S. politics in Asia - and now we have an endless misery. I don't know if I should have more pity with US Americans, Israelis, Palestinians or the Lebanese. I think, they should find justice the easy way, send soon Bush into the Bush and become normal again. Perhaps our Pope in Rome will find some nice ways out of danger, so as he did in the Middle Ages, when inventing the devil to resolve all human problems for females.

Japan and China

Japan is just the same as China: Long and bloody history, ended up in Hiroshima and Shanghai, the one by atom bomb for thanking for Pearl Harbour in WW II, and the other for wanting to kill the rest of world with poisoned air and using up all rest-resources on the planet. When I saw the films about the history of China or Japan, l knew how these folks will end some time after 2000, watching all the time heroes fly over lands, swinging huge swords, and killing each other in perfect style. And now all Far-East-Fans understand, have the explanation, why Chinese and Japanese are even more atrocious with their animals, killing them as if they were puppets, and having no empathy whatsoever. But we must be just: They have not killed all the whales, dolphins, bison-bulls, taking furs of living dogs and cats and liquids out of tortured bears in their lands, for increased male sex to make population explode, not stopped by any Pope. And thus we can see: They have democracy of highest ethics. If all States would be as cynical as Japan and China, we could do without any crazy-gone governments in Africa.


We have to be nice with them. They were quite natural before colonialism started. But slavery and the doctrines of England, Spain, France, Germany and Portugal gave those southern lands the rest. When finally gone, the northern monsters, the poor Negroes did not know what freedom, democracy and justice would be, and so they invented the bloodiest dictators on Earth, killing their internal enemies in terrible ways, having children soldiers, killing men, children and violating females per millions. Finally, they decided to become as decent as the USA always were and to adopt globalisation for the richest chaps with Bank accounts in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Jersey and Guernsey, London, Zurich, Geneva, Caribbean Island, New York and some other Pirates Places - and to let starve the rest of overpopulated lands, increased by force with means of politics recommended by Rome's Popes. Whoever says that Africa will recover one day from past crimes, is either drunk or American candidate for Presidency.


Some criminal Englishmen, the Queens no longer wanted inside Britain, went far away, Down-under, to the kangaroos. There they killed not the Red Indians but the Aborigines, misusing their lands to empty it in record-time from resources, brought dryness in the large fields, by accepting ecological laws of their mind-master of the Universe, GW Bush and some former U.S. idiots. For some time they were great in Tennis, Golf and Sailing. But today, they have nothing left but democracy, freedom, happiness and film actors like Nicole Kidman and Mel Gibson… But don't forget the real stars, who brought media happiness over our planet, with funny humans like Ruthless Merde-Fox from the SUN and his Boulevard Paris Hilt-Junk, being real pearls coming from Australia. Otherwise, this country would not be worth, being mentioned here.

Did I forget any Nation? Well, other dictatorships of dull majorities will be built just along the lines of the rest of junk, mentioned here. Don't think to find exceptions in ethics, higher than Switzerland or Australia - unless the U.S. model would be taken as masterpiece to find real justice on our Globe.

How demo-crazy and nation-building works, is very easy to learn: Just take a cheap Scrap-Airline to Washington, Moscow, Beijing, Dubai, Berlin, Santiago, Buenos Aires or Monaco, dear Friend.

René Delavy, Berlin and Bournemouth

Author of "An Italian Mafia singer" / "How to kill animals without empathy" / "Hot pepper in the brain of Intelligence Services" / "Democracy = Dictatorship of dull majorities"  //