Legal TAX FRAUD - Switzerland

Politics of TAX FRAUD

Big 4 - OECD - IRS - EU Commission and Switzerland 

OECD knows well that any tax agreement with Switzerland is not worth the paper of the contract:

1. Switzerland will NOT inform about criminal and illegal Tax Fraud they find, but deliver some indicatives of minor cases - as usual. The big matters will be hided to the disadvantage of all countries - USA and Europe and else.

2. But the major thing is, that 90 per cent of Tax Fraud and Evasion in Switzerland is based on LEGAL contracts with persons, companies, banks in the international field.

3. The huge Companies in Zug and Zurich and Geneva and else only show 10 per cent of international true Profits, the rest goes by constructions built by accounting firms in areas of zero to very low taxation. Plus some Privileges of tax-free time during starting years of profit generation. - It's known by Swiss, U.S., English and any Government of the Globe-  inclusive Tax Justice, OECD and IRS and Big 4 and all Accounting Firms and Tax Lawyers of the whole Globe.

4. In Switzerland, rich folks pay almost no taxes due to tax competition, capital gains and heritages not taxed, very low tax on dividends and special agreements of tax-freedom (example Glencore) over many years.

5. As in all nations, only Middle Class and Poor are forced to pay all taxes, without privileges, places and towns with high tax rates and overall controls on any sorts of income and fortune.

The whole is a Bluff of OECD, IRS, EU Commission and the Tax Paradises like Switzerland.

And now read the details:

René Delavy


Insider Report - IRS / EU -
Damage 50 Bio. Dollars (U.S. Trillions) from 1960 to 2012 

TAX FRAUD - Switzerland together with other Tax Paradises

Switzerland and other Tax Paradises abzocking the World -

There is no such thing, as LEGAL tax laws not being a crime, in favour of the rich Class, against the interests of Middle Class and the Poor. 

All legal and illegal Tax Fraud methods of Switzerland and else, are made to discharge the rich idiots by help of lawyers, accounting firms and tax experts. Finally, the average of folks are controlled to 100 per cent for income and pay ALL taxes, whereas the rich conglomerates, bankers, VIPs live free of charge and therefore are responsible for the trillion deficits of State USA, Europa, Japan etc. -

Stop the Crooks, or the 99 per cents will massacre these idiots in IRS, EU Commission, tax justice and Swiss 7 Dwarfs of Berne and of the tax authorities, handling with agreements in favour of the rich Class alone. This is the greatest injustice thinkable in this rotten world.

And now we go into the DETAILS:

Switzerland makes a distinction between "Steuerhinterziehung" (Tax EVASION) und "Steuerbetrug" (Tax FALSIFICATION).

The first is a worldwide CRIME but according to Swiss laws absolutely legal inside the Swiss borders - but the second, falsification, is meant to be the one real crime. In the rest of EU and most other Countries in the world, BOTH are a crime and there is no difference between evasion and falsification. And now, Switzerland, with its bank secrecy law and tax paradise mechanics, makes a terrible fuss about this matter of legacy, which is perfect Swiss 7 Dwarfs-style...

Now, I prove here that something like "Steuer-Hinterziehung" (tax evasion) does not exist at all in Switzerland. All together is just TAX FRAUD of criminals, wanted and dictated by all Governments of the Globe:

But first let's explain the nature of both expressions:

- Steuer-HINTERZIEHUNG: Deviation of taxes in disfavour of the nation, of the other folks, of middle class and poor - by the richest Chaps in all countries in the world.

- Steuer-BETRUG: Deviation of taxes, exactly like above, but on the basis of "falsified" documents, bookkeeping, annual accounts, methods, contracts and other matters, that could leave behind a TRACE in form of writing and signatures.

This is to say that in my view, the more cunning method is legal in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco and other Tax Paradises in our world ---- but the so-called criminal Tax-Swindle by DOCUMENTS is somehow honest, because we have a trace and have a chance to prove the criminal deed some time in future.

Now let's learn, what kind of methods are used in order to justify "Steuerbetrug" where Switzerland can only recognize some sort of nicest gentlemen's offence, called in this land: "Steuerhinterziehung".

1. A whole company (Holding, mixed-company, licence or manager fee device etc.) in Switzerland, owned by shareholders or other perpetrator's of any nature, coming from Germany, France, England, USA, Russia or any other nation in the world, if established in Zug, Schwyz, Obwalden, Vaud, Zurich, Geneva and a lots of other local tax-paradises inside Switzerland is, according to Swiss bankers views ----- nothing but Steuer-Hinterziehung!

So a complete set of an established Company, with entries in trade registers, with bookkeeping, with annual statements and a lot of bankers, lawyers, auditors taking care of that curious thing ---- has nothing to do with falsified DOCUMENTS!!! My God, what else?

2. A Michael Schumacher or any other of thousands of Crooks, earning abroad millions or billions of cash, pay here in Switzerland on the basis of taxes on "Household costs" instead of real income, pay here perhaps less than one tenth of what would be payable in Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, China, India, Australia - in fact all lands of our Globe.

And this is (in Switzerland) NOT "Steuer-BETRUG", but only a legalized deviation of taxes!!! What a nice tricky Nixon matter we have here! EU Commission can't be so blind not to see the false scheme.

3. Thousands of financing companies for tax stealing, established by banks and their lawyers, Stiftungen and Anstalten in Liechtenstein, funds in Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, Bahamas and some other 50 tax paradises worldwide, funds being on Swiss banks, are NOT "Steuerbetrug"? Great!

4. I have seen thousands of vehicles for tax evasion, not only in Switzerland, but also in England, USA, Canada, all lands in Africa, South America and Asia, all being nothing else but very complex and sophisticated instruments to take profits from normal companies away and to have it administrated free of tax. And the whole system is covered by all Parliaments and Governments of the world, who are made by the richest Chaps in Industry, Financing, Consulting, Service Business, Oil and Gas, Armaments, Doping - in short, any market activity you could think of.

5. Another dirty Nixon-Trick would be: Lowering all taxes in Switzerland or elsewhere and to keep them on same low level for Swiss and EU-income. EU officials said, this could be an escape from present cheating situation of the Swiss Abzockers. What a shame! This would simply mean, further discharging the richest Skunks of richness, and socializing the heavy tax charges to middle-class and poor, by asking for more money from them by other ways (value-added tax, lower social help, less participation in health care etc. etc.). This was done in Germany, France, England, USA - in fact in almost all nations, which protected the rich scrap and let pay the poor for those criminals' deeds.


We have to learn from the above matter, that some Mafia-systems, in thousands of presentations, are not outside jobs of a few nice guys in Sicily or Chicago. It is the usual, worldwide valid Friedman style of capitalism, as installed in any land, with their oligarchic constructions - of which the Russian one is only the most visible and stupid one, since artificially created by Yeltsin-Putin with help of U.S. Chicago Boys.

It is about time that all Middle Class and Poor, paying all charges for countries to be working in infrastructure, old age insurance, health care, agriculture, education, water and electricity, trains and mailing systems, in short all activities in favour of social life and to secure the future generations, that all these over 95 percent of folks wake up and send all parliaments and governments, based on a worldwide Shock Super-Capitalism, in the desert.

We have now a downfall of all stock exchanges, banks, financial devices, established during decenniums by Abzockers in all those companies and institutions, and now they cry, after taken all the profit for years from the ordinary folks, for FED and national banks to cover the losses, the richest chaps have taken away, tax-free for most part of these unjustified profits.

And again the Middle class and Poor don't understand that they are financing with their savings and old age money the tricky mafia billions deals of the richest Junk-VIP of this world who have been covered by most Chiefs of State, ministers, officials in their NGOs with well-known names like Worldbank, IMF, FED, WEF of Davos, 7 Dwarfs in Berne, all right-wing parliaments and governments, worshiping the principles of Milton Friedman, Friedrich von Hayek, Joseph Schumpeter, Karl Popper, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, GW Bush and all other arse-creepers.

They never took care for the savings and interests of their folks, otherwise we would today not be sitting on a time-bomb and be in a position to see going down the drain all Stock Exchanges, Banks and later on Insurances, Old age funds and finally bankrupt nations, one by one, of which USA and China will be ones of the first to tumble in the Orcus.

Still questions, dear friends? You do not deserve my comments. Since 30 years I write in my scripts that this would be the end of super cynical capitalism, and it needed the downfall of socialism in Russia, China, India and other places, the drying out of Africa and South and Central America and most of poor lands, before the rotted fruits came to light.

And now it is too late for corrections, unless the folks' fortune of Middle class and Poor is thrown in the wind for ever and ever….

Pushing Foreign Tax Fraud - by Swiss Tax Authorities

published in World News 2010


Not many people know that the Money on banks in Switzerland consists to wide over 80 percent out of tax-freed BLACK money from all Nations.

And this went from 1960 to this very day in 2010.

Not many people know that for tax planning, which is tax fraud in favour of foreign private persons and foreign companies, there are not only lawyers, accounting firms and tax consultants - but also all the official tax authorities in Switzerland:

- for Federal Tax - the main office is in Berne, Federal capital of Switzerland

- for Cantonal Tax - the 26 offices in the capital towns of Cantons

- for Communal Taxes - almost all about 1000 communes in Switzerland

And they do a good job. They consult the above lawyers and accounting firms, local and international, in all details how to prevent taxes in foreign countries.

The highest Crooks of Authorities are in Berne, Zurich, Geneva, Lugano, Zug and Vaduz in Liechtenstein.

The following instructions are given without any hesitation:

1. Private foreign Persons

How to get tax-free status on a so-called Pauschalabkommen (tax on household charges instead of income) in any place in Switzerland - where a Villa can be built near to Lake of Zurich, Lac Leman, Ticino Lake or Zuger Lake. They give the names of famous brokers in Real Estate.

For rich junk not living in Switzerland, it is said how to invest money in tax-free securities and other speculative matter, to maximize the profits of Swiss banks - and minimize at the same time the tax charges in Germany, France, Italy, England, USA etc.

The Swiss want to push the Source Tax construction (Abgeltungs-Steuer). This is a dirty trick, because Swiss authorities give hints to foreigners, how to go in outer source tax constructions, also with help of outside Swiss tax paradises - and this consulting is also done by banks, lawyers and accounting firms.

2. Conglomerates, Companies and Banks

Here, the Swiss tax fraud schemes exceed the volume of real Tax Fraud the amount for private advice by the factor of 10 - 10 times more.

Huge companies, Banks, Insurance, service companies etc. are advised how they can establish a Holding, a mixed-company, a domicile company, a finance company or management fee company.

For complex matters, Swiss authorities tell some hints on Anstalten or Stiftungen in Liechtenstein, Funds in Cayman Island and all other of the Caribbean, Jersey etc.

3. Other Items of Interest

Artificial banks and finance vehicles were created, plus artificial services and fees and other types, with aid or Hong Kong, Singapore or any other of the 100 tax paradises in the world.

The Swiss authorities could at any time correspond with U.S. authorities, or French or German or English or Chinese etc., to get sure the clients of Swiss banks are save not to pay taxes at home on REAL profits.

No questions being asked by IRS or any Tax Office in Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid, Rome or else - all was made on a incognito basis and the play was played by all offices, governments and parliaments of the world, until about 2007.

All this is true?

You don't to have to ask ME. I possess thousands of files confirming this State of Affairs - on clients, on lawyers and on tax authorities.

But before any Michael Schumacher or Jonny Hallyday comes to Switzerland, they have cleared all the details with Tax Authorities.

More: You could read in all Swiss Newspapers, whenever any Conglomerate or Bank decided to be established in Zurich, Zug, Geneva, Lugano or else - that they had carefully made agreements with tax authorities of Switzerland and towns. Read Swiss Newspapers!

My Blog gives all sophisticated details:

If you wish to know all details, go into my Blog and you will get all information on the proceedings of Swiss banks, lawyers, international accounting firms - and Swiss official Tax Authorities by reading the appropriate reports and letters.

One who should know: Roman Polanski - Gstaad ---- and all Shahs of Persia in St. Moritz and Vaud

Wirtschaftsverbrecher TAMEDIA - NZZ - WELTWOCHE - DRS - IDEE SHIT
(geschrieben an die Medien um das Jahr 2009)

Aufgrund meiner Kenntnisse der Abzockereien, Steuerbetrügereien aller Inland- und Auslandbanken in Zürich, Genf, Lugano und den Konzernen in Zug und Ausserschwyz habe ich die Medien der Schweiz über die gigantischen Steuerbetrügereien der Schweiz informiert bis in alle Details..

Nie haben diese Drecks-Redaktionen der Wirtschaft angemessen reagiert in ihren verlogenen Berichten von "Experten", sondern fahren fort mit ihren Lügen - es handle sich nicht um ein Billionen-System der Steuerbetruges am Ausland, sondern um Ausnahmen.

Dies die Fakten, die die Medien seit Jahren allesamt kennen:

1. Sämtliche Reichen der Welt müssen nicht angeworben werden in den USA, Frankreich, Deutschland etc. Es genügt sie kommen an die Bahnhofstrasse und können jeden Betrag überweisen, über Firmen, Banken, Steuerparadies-Konstruktionen, in die Schweiz zum Steuerbetrug von Schwarzen Vermögen und Einkommen.

2. Diese Reichen aus der Welt haben nicht ein Konto bei UBS oder CS, sondern gleich etwa 10 bis 20 Konten in Zürich, Vaduz, Genf, Delaware, Cayman Island, Singapore etc.

3. Die Betrügereien in Zug und anderen Steuerparadiesen in der Schweiz für Konzerne übertreffen die Betrügereien der Privaten um das Zehnfache bei den Konzernen aller Länder der Welt.

Es geht nicht an, dass ich hier alles wiederhole. Deshalb einer von etwa 20 Rapporten, die sowohl die Medien der Schweiz, wie auch Deutschland, Le Monde, NYT sowie die entsprechenden Stellen in IRS und EU erhalten haben.

So - und jetzt kann ja die Wirtschaftsabteilung von NZZ, Tages-Anzeiger, Weltwoche, Le Matin und anderer Dreck weiterhin so tun - als ob sie total unwissend und harmlos wären.

Unique Lesson in Accounting and Tax Swindles

published in World News

In the latest period, I have written about highest accepted crimes in our world, the accounting and tax fraud. Only little number of persons get advantages, but those count into trillions and will cause the financial breakdown of our capitalistic world, due to generalized economic swindles.

It is true that these crimes cost nations and tax-payers more than terrorism, war, drugs, commerce with women, prostitution, arms, dopes etc. together. Only very few experts on this globe know the extent of this worldwide crime, the famous disaster and plague in accounting and taxation, produced by greed of the richest, with help of their consultants, the world's best accountants, auditors, lawyers, bankers, trustees and tax experts in governments, offices, parliaments and private firms.

There are political and intellectual reasons for this shameful state of affairs.

A. "The Expert" as such, does not exist for these matters

It's easy: Either clever people know all about international laws, treaties, taxes, accounting, economics of nations, of companies and other small areas, but only in its narrow theoretical frames of Universities. Or they know in practice all about local laws, accounting of firms in one country, about local banking or insurances, local taxes, habits in the nearer area. Well, I don't think we should call such people "Experts".

There are no practitioners or experienced persons that know almost everything, worldwide, in theory and on the field. In fact, there is only one person who has these capacities: the writer of these lines. And even if another expert of practice would come near to my knowledge, he would never dare writing what he knows. For me, it was sheer coincidence to know all about all companies in the world - and to get overall sight by life-long learning, especially about theoretical knowledge in economics and other skills and capacities.

Further must be known: I can only write in very abbreviated manner, since such a topic would fill pages, even if writing about one swindle of accounting or taxation alone.

B. Tax and accounting Swindles, for example in Switzerland

To the detriment of EU and other countries, Switzerland uses the following tricks:

- In Accounting, costs may include kick backs, bribes, tips, "commissions", managing fees of what ever you may name. Until short, the Swiss tax laws explicitly mentioned those expenses as rightful cost of a company or bank. Those costs went in billions. In fact, not one big commercial affair was feasible with China, India, Russia and many countries in Asia, Africa and South America without such payments to ministers, chiefs of states, normal officers and all the rest. And this is not valid for Switzerland alone. It's a practice valid for all companies in the world.

- When kick backs and swindle money were no longer allowed by law, companies searched and found other expressions and ways to continue the practice. It is just the same as with doping in Sports. You will just change the tracks and the methods. Today the bribes have other names, go over financing companies under any topic you may name. But the system as such is not dead at all.

- In Taxation, Switzerland has many methods to steal the money from other EU countries: Very low taxes for holdings or mixed companies (outside Swiss income not taxed or only very low), agreements with VIP-crooks (like Schumacher or Hallyday) by cantons of Switzerland per thousands, degressive tariffs for the richest with local tax laws. These tax incomes go, in spite of the very low taxes, into billions.

- One of the Federal Councils of Switzerland mentioned recently that the percentage for the total of such crook-taxes is very high and that the Swiss finance system would collapse when no longer cheating the rest of Europe. So he and the other 6 Dwarfs in Berne alarmed population, not to accept such political initiatives for justice in this land.

- In Banking, Switzerland is even a higher Crook. When preventing other European nations being allowed to look into the bank accounts of their own nationals in Switzerland, the Swiss agreed to have some sort of overall source tax on income for such foreign fortunes. But immediately after signing the agreement, Swiss bankers and their consultants found hundreds of tricks in outsourcing such fortunes in other tax-free areas in our bloody World in favour of the richest bunch of worldwide crooks.

C. The Swiss tricks for rich crooks are just the same as applied by all other countries as well

Well, Switzerland may be very tricky, somehow like Nixon, in doing what they do. It is just the same with Politics of GW Bush: He and his governments take the whole world for stupid with every word they say - and the whole world will publish that shit without understanding that they are constantly done in. And so, the most stupid frogs of the world, the U.S. folks, elect twice the greatest political idiot of our universe, worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Putin.

Well I know that you, dear reader, will misinterpret what I just have written, since it is too high for your brains, but coming back to economics, I can say, having seen all companies of the world in all countries as an expert, that these Swiss practices are the ones of almost any nation in the world and any big entity on Earth.

The crucial question is, how "normal" such procedures are: They are very normal in India, China, Russia, many lands in Africa and South America, a little bit less in the USA, France, Germany, England and other "civilized" countries. Error! It's only a question of sophistication! The Crooks in America are of the highest economic intelligence what make matter worse. They need legal agreements of 1200 pages to make the same as a negro in Africa with a hand-shake.

Now, dear Reader: Are you puzzled to an extent, not to believe what GAZETTE just wrote? It's easy: Intellectuals that do never understand what I write in my German books about matters that are high above such little and shitty topics as mentioned, will never grasp even the low food given here to eat. Intelligence is not buyable. You must earn and learn it. And it is one of the greatest fakes in our world - according to political correctness - that any person must be taken for serious. A person that cannot count, like the famous 99 percent "one plus one gives two", should not think about tax and accounting swindles. She or he should just be quiet - and go to dinner.

D. Why do Politicians and Theoreticians know nothing about anything?

Politicians want to know how to be re-elected next time. In fact, they are surrounded by "experts" that know absolutely nothing - like Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Rumsfeld, Rice, CIA, the Russian and Chinese Intelligence Services (CIA just gave a documentary in BBC and admitted that they knew absolutely nothing about the political crimes of USA of the last 50 years….). Other experts in Institutions, Universities, Think Tanks and other scrap, be it in Economics or Culture or Science, know just tiny little bits of a tiny little matter of the whole, and mostly, these ignorants get for such shit the Dynamite Prize sooner or later.

How, dear Reader, would you expect that such blind mice would save our Globe from tumbling down the orcus soon, in economics, ecology, politics, military, culture and all the rest? Forget it! The most stupid individuals on Earth govern our reality - and are shreddered through in the daily news, 24 hours a day, and you eat that shit without asking crucial questions, not once in your life.

Still having a question? I hope not. If you wish, I would, in one of my next letters, give more details about economic tricks in the accounting of the 100 biggest Companies in our world, banks, oil and gas, military commerce, cars, leasing, insurance, services, consulting, local and international organisations or NGOs. Wish to know everything on WEF, attac, WWF, Greenpeace, United Nations, World Bandits, IMFuck? You name it - and I will write a report of 10 pages on each of them.

Learn this: The people with lowest IQ and absolutely no morals and ethics are in governments, parliaments, big entities, international organisations. We are surrounded by big heads with an empty shell of brain. And you believe all what these crooks say, just because your shell is just as empty. Or not? The Echo on this report will show.

E. Why are these Swindles, when compared to true crimes, of absolutely no Importance?

Well, this title is somewhat misleading: Naturally this IS the greatest crime, in a capitalistic world of Friedman shock and awe, and it will lead to the downfall of civilisation. But I have to do as this would not be the case, otherwise "normal" folks in NGOs do not understand one sentence of this article.

I composed many letters about the forthcoming collapses in ecology, economics, politics and culture. Not one of them had any effect. Why? Because folks, inclusive the publishers, do not understand its contents. They believe to get a funny philosophy whereas they turn the page and say: "Well, just another opinion on how the mechanics on Earth and of Humanity are. But we want to get real food: Every day's scrap. We couldn't care less if humanity goes down the drain right now. But texts about swindles in economics are really interesting, since it is true: The damage is higher than all other damages in our world - in CASH!"

Dear Reader, you are living in such a world where the Cash-Casino is your life and all of importance, whereas the real reasons for being worried, having 1000 times more effect on the future of humanity, are regarded as "philosophy" of no interest.

Unless some intellectual crooks like Huntington, Fukuyama, Rorty, Levy, Finkielkraut, Glucksmann, Habermas, Agamben and some other minor small-brainers, mostly in right-wing U.S. Universities, pop up with secondary "sciences", all handling about human behaviourism, you may find the real fundamental stuff in intellect of minor interest and importance.

We will not be killed by accounting or tax swindles. We will be killed by our own blindness in philosophy, not having been able to recognized the laws of nature on this planet - and this is irrevocably the death sentence, within 50 or at highest 100 years from now, for today's "don't worry, be happy" Homo non-sapiens.

Appeared in World News:

The little gambling of Tax Fraud Oasis Systems

All participants in this Game in favour of the richest big Companies and VIPs on this planet took it for granted, as a natural Maxim, that this Crime in Trillions of value in favour of a Cash Elite, with the help of Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Hong Kong, Caribbean Islands, Panama, Jersey, Monaco, City of London, Wall Street and all the dirt of Capitalism, under the cooperation of finance experts, during 50 years, can go on - and the breaking down of the USA and EU would be ignored by ordinary folks, they would forget all about justified ethics when financing with taxes State costs alone, to the benefit of infrastructures of States since 1960 - when governments were leaving by free will the richest Tax Fraud people out of sight.

This was about the tenor of participants in the talks of ARENA, given on Swiss official TV Channel.

Little Games with Swiss Companies owned by foreign Shareholders - ignored by ARENA

The Swiss Experts did not see: The Swiss bank secrecy law is one of the highest crimes ever seen, because it works alone in favour of the richest 10 per mille of VIPs in our world, pretending this system would be in the interest of all common folks, the poorer ones paying all taxes decently with low salaries. In fact, the Swiss Alpine scenery served solely to attract one Third of world-wealth to Zurich and Geneva area - in order to prevent the highest VIP Class paying taxes on income, fortune, profit and capital - and to give the Swiss Elite the unique chance after WW II, of getting at least about 25 percent of the tax substance that was not paid in home-countries, the original lands where these untaxed profits were generated first.
But all this talking was higher Philosophy: It is true that all foreigners only placed untaxed money in Switzerland and other Tax Oasis (white money could stay at home anyway), but these discussed facts only count for a very little part of the great fraud, to the charge of tax substance and to the detriments of all other countries. Now, let's make transparent the facts and come to the major matters:

Look into Tax Paradises, their Holdings, finance and Swiss Mixed Companies

U.S. Senate and OECD and EU - listen: Not individuals count - It was the Holdings, the finance and mixed Companies - and above all, the world's Hedge Funds who since 1960 let flow Billions of Dollars in streams of turnover and profits into Switzerland (and other Tax Havens) - just with the aim to see profits out of normal business, into finance streams as mentioned later, NOT taxed at all. Since 1975 the total damage over the years on these cash streams could easily reach some 60 trillions of Euros, Switzerland did not get but only took care, that those money streams be not caught in Nations, where the profits were generated originally - and a smoke-curtain for evasion of tax charges levied, to the benefit of the 20000 highest fraud crooks on Earth.

Trillions of Dollars or Euros in untaxed finance streams

Trillions in finance streams in favour of Switzerland and other Tax Fraud destinations and in disfavour of all other domiciles abroad of the biggest Companies, Banks, Insurance, Service companies, industries and even Nations - and in particular to the benefit of the few of richest Creme de la creme and their companies on this planet, could be reconstructed by those "who know". Delavy is one of them.

And here are some of the constructions which "Experts" could notice during a professional life:

Huge Sums of money flew into such Tax Oasis Companies, not only in Switzerland. Learn now, if not a Chief Editor of Murdoch, FOX, NYT, Economist, NZZ, Wash Post, Die Zeit, La Stampa, El Pais or any other Junk media, for the first time, the methods of Crooks and the volume:

In tax free paradises went: Very normal Dividends of big companies, officially declared, from daughter companies to Tax Haven Holdings. Further Management Fees, Consulting Fees, Commerce by unbelievingly complex models with highly overdone and reduced prices in purchase and sales, all done within normal entities and "free" markets deals dictated by Western governments. Further: Credit constructions over Shine-Banks and Shine-Financiers, which over Lawyers belonged again to the original company or some rich Shareholders, or some richest Representatives of Oligarchy or Insider Mafia in any country. We further can name Credit constructions basing on adventurous conditions, where the profits flew to Switzerland based on expertise, gained over years by most sophisticated brains, coming from all Universities and ETH of the word----

Further: Mortgage-Refinancing schemes with true banks and fictive finance trusts, to the charge of Real Estate in USA, England, Germany, France, short all nations of the world. Further: Huge finance of business contracts, covering obligations of very astonishing kind. Leasing and lease-back constructions, based on profits formerly abzocked from big companies in favour of the few, by billions, financing then without causing taxes huge fleets of oil tankers, Hollywood films, sports clubs in football, baseball and any other spleens, luxury steamers, Sky Scrapers in any Mega-Towns.
Other constructions in favour of companies abroad, for industries in low income lands, better known as "Outsourcing production to the charge of workers at home". Anyway, Crook-Lands like New Europe, China, Russia, India, Korea etc. played a major part in these tax evasion models, by business in low salary destinations and nations, profits going to tax free zones. Service contributions of non-existing fantasies, imaginary "Costs and Fees" of any kind to the charge of normal Annual Statements in high tax rate lands, in ALL big Companies, banks, insurances, re-insurances, Hedge Funds and other finance Junk you could ever imagine----

All assisted by best Accounting firms, lawyers offices in all towns, best of experts in financing and banking, officials in all States, Dynamite Prize Crooks, FED and IMF Officers, those who before shattered the poor countries in Africa and South America----

Finance scrap for 'anonymisation' of richest Persons - in all Lands of World

Now we come back on more secure grounds: Normal people like Steinbrueck, Sarkozy, Obama, Merkel and EU commissions may be blind enough and
think more of secondary matters, like the richest Individuals of their nations, having all wealth placed and invested in Securities in Tax Fraud Banks, in securities that would by will of all governments of the world, not levy source taxes or any other charges on dividends or interests, by free will of an unqualified Mafia of Money, assisted by all local governments and parliaments - so to say: All richest Junk, governing this goddamn Globe.

Let's name it: Depots in huge masses of wealth, under the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, safes in Geneva, in Lugano, in Berne, in Zug - but most of it placed in Tokyo, New York, City of London, Vatican, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Jersey, Guernsey, Luxemburg, all islands in the sun of Caribbean, Panama, Macao, Singapore, Hong Kong, Andorra, Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Grenada, Isle of Blair Man, Mauritius, Seychelles, VAE, Vanuatu, Nevis, U.S. tax haven States of Paulson, Halliburton, Berlusconi City, Oligarchic Bank of Moscow, Mechanic School, Israel hidden camps, and 50 other Tax Oasis of highest criminal Fraud, in favour ALONE of the richest Individuals in this World, the one top 20 per mille of World Population owing in truth about one third of total wealth, if declared and taken out of Mafia constructions, whereas 50 percent and soon 90 percent of workers and peasants will have nothing left at all, when old age will be gone out of Gas.

Waking up, little Susie - when recognizing the volume and extent of the real crime covered by Dictatorships of Dull Majorities?

Criminal Consulting by Lawyers and Tax Consultants

There were until today not one single Billions Companies, great banks, the richest VIP on the Globe, who would NOT take profit of the knowledge of heavily paid peasants of Cash, famous lawyers, Tax Experts, Accounting Firms, and be sure, all of them, all the Prize, Waterhouse, Arthur Andersen, Coopers, KPMG, Deloitte, Touche, Ernst, Young etc. - but also all local trustees firms in all Tax Oasis, in addition the Investment Bankers, UBS, CS and all banks in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, USA, England, France, Asia etc., all the junk that was occupied in this business of fraud, plus all Hedge and Investment Funds administrators, also old age funds laymen - and NGOs, at least those who were established for this cause, by their big entities with world-wide activity, private banks - and most naturally, the lawyers and other servants of the Big Capital of the few, letting pay infrastructure and State Costs by Middle Class and the Poor.

Simple rules and principles of the Tax Optimating Cracks

Don't be mistaken: the Crooks are not Swiss, the crooks are all the rich and powerful Elite of all nations, that now at G-20 try to let normal folks forget, that they were producing and accepting all tax Fraud schemes of all times in their proper favour---- They knew and know how to throw sand in the eyes of their stupid electors, our illusive Masters of the Universe, Brown, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Merkel, Obama, Geithner, Trichet, Bernanke, Greenspan, GW Bush and Pinochet-Thatcher, those disastrous idiots of crime, governing our dull democrazies:

Learn the simple rules: Most of the money treated along the shortly designed finance constructions - of investors in Switzerland, USA, Russia, China, Japan, Italy etc., were basing on officially granted Black Money Schemes, not only of Mafia and Blood Dictators, but ALL ordinary people with highest wealth, producing all the not-taxed income streams, further: Heritage funds and otherwise dirty sources - and if the Cash was generated in "white", the aim was: Not to pay taxes ever after, on such fortunes and the income emanating from such sources, over periods of decenniums, to the charge of normal tax payers in their home nations.

That's the reason for the existence of Investment and Private Banks: The untaxed income streams go in hundreds of Trillions of Dollars and Euros and former Mark, Franc, Lire, Pound and any other past and present currency - solely in the favour of those who "have it" - based on national systems of letting all advantages to the Elite - in all nations. To be rich is good - to be poor an idiocy - and so, all media were teaching us: VIP Humans if rich are God - and the rest of the Planet Earth is Junk. Got it finally?

Error: Switzerland has best controls on Money-Washing on the Globe?

Big laugh! It's like the Water-Boarding with GW Bush and some nice white-washing of facts by Obama Barack. Switzerland has the best control system, apparently on Mafia and Blood-Money of the world - and this writes a top expert in the matter. But the facts are complex: Most huge money items coming from drugs, mafia, human traffic, any criminal affairs with States, weapon deals etc. - any sort of dirty Cash: If it goes over several stations in other Banks and Tax Havens, it is viewed my Bankers as "clean".

Swiss Banks and Trustees having, like Singapore, London, Wall Street, with their trusts in the world, created a parallel-world, can now pretend not to know where the billions came from and don't control and do not declare those billions to Swiss State Controls in Berne and not to any other Authorities world-wide. As with the richest Junk of billionaires: Here too, the controls are for apes believing in Fairy-Tales of Bankers, be they in Beijing, Tokyo, Paris, London or Chicago - in fact any finance guy on this rotten Globe, knows how to help rich folks, big companies, dictators, Mafia bosses - important alone is the profit taken from finance institutions, in favour of those VIP, companies or nations that would alone take all the profit out of criminal acts in politics and finance.

And you know what: The Swiss, abzocking the whole world and lowering taxes therefore, laughed their heads off, about nations being forced to levy high Popper-Taxes, due to neo-conservative idiocies of greed, growth and destruction of the planet Earth.

Almost all responsible managers, the whole "Elite", knew about the Crimes

About all the richest and most powerful persons on this Globe knew it - the richest and hugest Entities and their VIP. Don't believe one word, if ever you hear the contrary----

After all, THEY were the ones who did not pay taxes. And THEIR Governments created the basics and THEIR World Media possessed by them, all the Murdoch and Berlusconis of this planet, commented the state of affairs in a way to hide it would be to your charge - as if it would be the highest Dynamite Prize achievement, purest gold of human intelligence, when Elite would be living on the account of those who earn a living on lowest non-bonus grounds - and paying taxes in pure honesty in place of Tax fraud experts.

But Middle Class and the Poor had to make good for the cheated differences of stolen taxes, since 1960 to this very day, since YOU were the ones who paid the charges of all nations, in order to let go in peace the richest Scrap of own folks, visiting their 5 stars hotels, possessing huge yachts in all tax havens you could guess, leaving you back in a rotten world. The global volume reached hundreds of Trillions of Dollars and Euros in criminal flows, out of State charge prevention devices, you, normal tax payers, were forced to finance. And now, they can dismiss you, when their fantasy constructions fall down like a House of Cards.

Governments and Parliaments of all States of the world did not react - because:

This House of Cards was possible, not alone based on greed and short-sightedness - no, the ones governing you are guilty:

a. due to average dullness of parliament members, they knew nothing of complex models, and

b. most of them belonged to the profiteers and did themselves Tax Fraud in masses, and

c. governments, Chiefs of State, Presidents, Prime and other Ministers and Crooks covered by them, believed, that such State Tax incomes were not necessary, as long as the difference for State infrastructure, social charges, debt interests, wars and Armies, education, hospitals etc. would be financed in "good times", in favour of the richest Junk, getting the State favours for free, whereas the poorest families were driven to hell already in "good times" - and now come the bad----

The World-Fraud is now hitting some innocent victims

Being fed up of the topic, this question will be treated in some other Letter "World Elites and their innocent victims" - soon to come.

Also appeared in WORLD NEWS:

World Injustice in TAXATION

We should for all times explain what JUSTICE could be in taxation, because our systems of taxation are made alone in favour of the richest persons, companies, banks and governments of this Globe.

Just and fair Taxation worldwide

Justice in taxation on a worldwide basis could be done:

1. Worldwide the same Progressive Tariffs: The higher the income or profits or fortune, the higher must be the percentage of taxation.
2. No Privileges to the richest persons, banks and companies of the world.
3. No Tax Freedom for capital gains and other tricks to give advantage to the richest
3. No Tax Paradises alone in favour of the richest and powerful folks
4. No Swiss or other banks, allowing rich folks not to pay taxes and leaving all charges to Middle Class and the Poor.
5. No Tax Competition in places and communes and towns and nations, allowing the richest folks on earth to minimize taxes by choosing the place to live.
6. Let's name the perpetrators, responsible for a injustice, that will wipe away the VIPs from the face of the planet, sooner or later.

Get through these items:

1. Progressive Tariffs

There are some proposals of very cunning persons in parliament, universities and think tanks:
Flat Rate Tax

This is an idiocy and a crime: 30 percent of taxes for the one with a salary of 30000 Euro per year and 30 percent for the one with 3000000 Euro bank bonus paid by the saving of Middle Class? This means, the poor chap can just die and the rich banker looks for ways, not do declare his income.

Taxation in any other forms:

Take VAT (Value added Taxes on goods and services) and some other general State duties and charges. This only means that the rich does not pay in relation to his fortune, whereas the Poor forced down on their little daily consumerism are stolen by the little funds, too little to survive and too little to die. This shows to what extent the whole of Society has become a bunch of idiots, concentrating on the good lives of the VIPs of Elite, those who are spitting on the little persons.

2. Privileges and Tax Freedom

For the powerful and the rich Elite, there are all the advantages of the World.

- Best sites for their villas, plenty of loop-holes for their taxes, best cars, best girls, best of hotels, best restaurants, best press, best influence on US Presidents and parliaments, instructing bankers to minimize their tax charges and maximize their Shareholder Values and dividends, looking for advice from Accounting firms, tax consultants, lawyers, officials of State, dirty bankers with Swiss bank secrecy laws and still in October 2010 a black box to 99 percent of fortunes and income thereon, lying this very day in tax accounts in: Zurich, Geneva, Lugano, Vaduz, Luxembourg, Monaco, Jersey, Delaware, Caribbean Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong and the White House and CIA in Washington.

Lots of taxations in trillion amounts taken together, are evaded by not charging those who have all Cash and Fortune, the richest VIPs, by following tricks: Capital gains not taxed, income shifted in tax free areas, no tax on heritage, special arrangements with very rich VIP on taxation scheme in countries and towns, planning how to pay incentives not taxed, shifting amounts around with help of foundations, funds, Anstalten, Finance companies of banks and their lawyers, as seen in Zurich in thousands of cases - and huge and complex tax planning in favour of all great companies by Accounting Firms and local lawyers.

This is the world, the Middle Class and Poor are living in, losing and having stolen their savings and pension funds and jobs and apartments by rotten bankers and still electing those Palin Republicans, being at the source of a world-wide Bush disaster in neo-conservative Liberalism.

3. Tax Paradises

We have 100 tax paradises in these rotten societies, all around the world. In my profession, I had a booklet of my company for each paradise, let's say Arthur Andersen, explaining in detail how to get advantages for the richest and most powerful Crooks on Earth for EACH of about 80 Lands, in order not to pay their charges in favour of a nations' infrastructure and bloody Armies.

Any very big Accounting Firm and international Lawyer possessed such Books for Taxation.

So the tax paradises are instructed by all governments and parliaments in the world to do whatever they can do, to take the money away from the poor and run. And the Middle Class and Poor are blinded by daily scraps in the Media, saying that justice is done, that Obama and some other European Crooks of influence would control bankers, pretending and lying that tax paradises, law systems and banks would no longer allow the richest and most powerful, not to pay taxes in thousands of ways.

No taxes on heritage, no taxes of capital gains, no taxes if given through a Caribbean construction, no taxes if gone over to a Swiss bank and no Taxes if done with foundations, funds, financing companies and a number of fantasy accounts.

4. Banks for the Richest only

Banks are here, to allow rich folks to buy all with credits financed in principle by Main Street:

- Fusions in billions of Dollars with huge companies, making profits with Hedge funds for fools, casino life of using all the funds given by Middle Class and Poor for immense turnovers with currencies, zero interest State money, speculation in Greece, England, Ireland, German Landesbanken etc. and the stupid victims of UBS Switzerland and 100 of other mafia organisations, and showing how to minimize the savings of Main Street, inclusive the cash in pension funds, investment funds, insurance company's portfolios and all the Rest.

Normal folks are stolen the whole year long by trillions in Dollars, and the bankers with bonuses, the rich Shareholders and some other Crooks make trillions in profits and do not pay taxes thereon.

5. Tax "Competition"

In Switzerland, it is said that Tax Competition would be great: It forces the cantons and the communes and the regions to lower their taxes to the benefit of all members of a Society - what an immense Lie!

Because THESE are the dirty tricks: The rich chap gets all the money in Zurich or Geneva and he uses the infrastructure there, his sons and daughters go there to school or are in the scene of dopes to the charge of the big towns. But the bonuses of the bankers, of CEOs, of NGOs, of handlers with commissions and weapons and State Papers etc. are not taxed at all, nor the capital gains on Derivatives - and on Top, the normal salary income is taxed in a nice low-Tax commune at the Lake of Zurich, of Zug, of Geneva, of Lugano and any other tax privileged area world-wide.

This means that Middle Class, totally controlled by State with their incomes and fortunes, have elected their own tax butchers, bet themselves they are playing millions of milk calves - all year long (only the most stupid calves elect their own butchers). And what goes for taxes, goes for rents, goes for salaries, goes for ecology, goes for culture, goes for killing some areas in Vietnam, Wall Street, Israel, Chile, Iraq, Afghanistan and some other nice Places around China.

6. The Perpetrators in this criminal System

Bush, Obama, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Merkel, Blair, Putin, Hu and Wen, Lula, Mandela, the 7 Dwarfs of Berne and all the officials in tax paradises are responsible. All CEOs and bonus getters in banks are responsible. All Members of the Board of rich Companies are responsible. All Members of Parliaments are responsible. All Accounting firms are responsible. All Judges, tribunals and lawyers in the World are responsible. In short: All richest Junk in this world in favour of power is responsible.

Some ugly Truth: All are responsible, including Middle Class and Poor, electing as slow thinkers their greatest butchers and leaving them the power to dismiss them from the jobs, destroy their savings and the planet, getting for them alone all the tax-free advantages, for which any normal person would go to jail, allowing simultaneously investment bankers to destroy all Savings of Main Street.

This is fact, in a totally unjust system, not only with taxation - and during all the time the crooks are living their privileges, the great masses are sleeping and dreaming some Hollywood Dreams.