Genialer Tier-Konsum

Genialer Tier-Konsum
oder: Der Holocaust der Tiere

Wenn man die Realität unserer Tage erklären will, höre der Mensch die folgenden Geschichten....

Kürzlich ass ich mit meiner Freundin in einem kleinen Restaurant und ich bestellte Costini vom Kalb und erhielt einige davon. Die Freundin wollte die gerösteten Flügeli von Hühnern. Der Haufen von etwa 10 Flügelis war recht gross und wir liessen einen Teil des Essens einpacken.

Also verreckten hier etwa 6 junge Tierchen mit Nerven, Gefühlen, Hirnen und so weiter.

Vor einem Jahr bestellte ich eine Spezialität an einem Bergsee im Piemont und staunte: Da kam eine kalte Brühe mit etwa 25 kleinen toten Fischchen darin und einige Saucen. Ich versteckte alles in einem Hundesack und gab es später meinem Liebling.

Wir haben bald 10 Milliarden Idioten auf der Welt und auch die Chinesen und die Inder wollen jeden Tag ein Stück Fleisch auf dem Tisch oder viele Fische oder Krustentierchen im Tellerchen.

Immer wenn ich die Tausende wenn nicht gar Milliarden Fische in DOKS sehe, die vor meinen Augen verrecken und ersticken, oder Krabben die ins siedende Wasser geschmissen werde, ist mir klar, warum diese ganze verblödete Menschheit verrecken wird im 21. Jahrhundert.

14 Tage bevor mein Bruder an Krebs mit 19 Jahren verreckte, wollten wir ihn besuchen. Der Mann schrie vor Schmerz, dass die Wände des Spitals erzitterten und die Doktoren schmissen uns aus dem Spital und verlangten, dass wir in zwei Stunden wieder kämen... - dies ist die Weise, wie man Menschen wie Tiere verrecken lässt. Ich ging meinen Bruder nie mehr besuchen bis zu seinem Tod.

Die USA, Israel, Diktatoren in Südamerika, die IS und Assad und die Päpste und 100 Religionen liessen Millionen von Menschen auf grauenhafte Weise zu Tode foltern oder lebendigen Leibes verbrennen. Dies alles geht unter pragmatischen Status quo der letzten 2000 Jahre. Da sind die Milliarden an Tieren wohl nur ein Detail.

Selbst wenn es keinen Gott gäbe, was so gut wie 100 Prozent sicher ist, würde die Natur dafür sorgen, dass dieser Dreck von Menschheit bald einmal verreckt, und zwar genau so wie mein Bruder, die Fische, die Hunde in Slums, die Krebse in  der Küche oder die Milliarden von jungen Hühnern in 200 Staaten der Welt.

Damit dies klar ist, lege ich meinen Text "Holocaust of Animals" bei sowie den Text "To die is to die - Death is death" - und überlasse es meinen unendlich schwachsinnigen Mitmenschen, selbst irgendwelche Schlüsse zu ziehen.

Ich selbst habe mich dem Wahnsinn des Seins auf der Erde angepasst und verrecke wahrscheinlich noch eines natürlichen Todes - was ich auch verdient habe....

René Delavy - Berlin and Bournemouth
written in January 2017

Holocaust of Animals in the World

This is the daily horror of an animal holocaust:

- A Chinese seizes the next dog - that looks full of horror on the scenery before his intelligent eyes, than he pulls the skin and fur over the dog's ears and throws the tortured naked body alive on the next hill of a mass of dying dogs and cats. The Nazi seizes the next Jew and does not open his blood artery, instead he throws him in the gas-chamber in Auschwitz, Zyklon-B behind and waits half an hour before burning the dead body.

- A Russian sends his beloved dog in a deadly fight and happily gets the prize of 1000 dollars from the owner of another dog torn in pieces. Than he walks to the next whore and fucks that blond beauty with the blood money, resulting from the misery of an animal life.

- The Swiss do not ask for Pit Bull dogs to get forbidden, these unnecessary monsters, after a child having been torn in pieces by three of them. They just wish the owners of such dogs to be gently educated in order to prevent further killing. We do not understand that we cannot change human beings, but we can eliminate monsters instead.

- The Brazilian seizes a young girl and tortures it over hours, filmed by a camera, puts the whole shit in the internet, thanks Bill Gates for that bloody invention, and becomes rich. Than he grasps another little boy, the son of Bill or George or Vladimir, and kills him very slowly in front of his camera - and some police officer, looking out for such documentaries, vomits himself to death.

- The pharma-expert seizes an ape and injects him some unknown stuff in his veins and looks if - without any animal tests - a human being would have been tortured by the pain resulting from the medicament. The CEO of Novartis and other crazy entities seize their salaries of over ten million a year and live, without testing their own intelligence, in luxury for a lifetime.

- The poultry farm is full with millions of chicken where they "live" their short and useless struggle. They are the true living-dead. In fact, many are dead before the slaughtering even starts. Come some epidemics over Homo sapiens, millions of them are thrown alive in open fires or buried alive to prevent human beings to be the next martyr, thrown by millions in huge open graves.

- In order to prevent a pandemic of bird disease, human mankind will not hesitate for a second, to kill all birds of the whole planet. And then, the end of all birds' song forever, mentioned in literature, will have come true and no little child of the first-class species of the planet, Homo sapiens, will miss it.

Billions of animals lived and still live today in a true holocaust. Every day, millions of animals are tortured because of humans needs for flesh and for tests. Animals have eyes like our children, they think with brains, they have nerves, they have feelings, they feel pain just as we do. We only know for some years how intelligent dolphins and apes are; we don't know yet how intelligent crabs are (thrown alive in boiling water) and rats and cats (mistreated in terrible experiments). What in fact do human beings actually know?

There are several Gods in heaven, created by Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, new-born-Christians and some other funny guys.  But never ever these religions were a counter-part to the mistreatment of animals. The religions are human-made institutions, solely for the purpose to make mankind sure that it plays the major part in the world, that humans will end in a fantastic paradise and that they can do whatever they want with animals, water, air and resources.

Same goes for the whole history of philosophy. As I proved in "Philosophical reasoning of 2000 years is killing the Earth", the human intellect is not made to understand the feeling and the intelligence of other species in our reality. And since it is so, humans will continue to torture not only its own species, but also all animals, the nature and the spirit in which our nice human-made Gods wish make us think.

We will never realize in what sort of World we are living in, as long as we neglect our duties as humans. And therefore, we all are going down the drain right now. Jared Diamond is a dreamer, his optimism is somehow not of this world. Read my letter "Jared Diamond and his wrong view on reality". 

The collapses in ecology, economy and culture are beginning to take place right now - with increasing effect from year to year. By the year 2050, humanity will be reaching its end - and no philosopher or God will shed a tear on this state of affairs (read "The end of humanity" recently issued).

Author of "CHAOS" / "Power x Stupidity = Self destruction" / "Fairy-tale about Goliath's stone and David's missiles", "Philosophical reasoning of 2000 years is killing the Earth"

Kingsman - End of Humanity
To Die is to die - and Death is Death

Basing on my oeuvre "Reflexionen und Maximen" I am able to prove that humanity will be abolished by stupidity in the 21st Century until 2099.

How this will happen, will follow in this text.

It is some sort of principle by all governments and philosophies of our present world in a queer Status quo of pragmatism, that we will - as human beings - live for ever - if we just do the "right things".

Based on the given mechanics in our world, this idea naturally is paranoia and schizophrenic religion of nuts, but let's look down on a fine Hollywood film with title "Kingsman - The secret Service":

Like myself, some black billionaire is presented as crazy type, who believes that the style of living, the mass of folks on Earth and the given catastrophes to come in environment and other matters, will kill all folks on Earth. And so he develops and organises with masses of computer programs and other killing devises a scheme of power, with the aim of reducing the number of folks on Earth at one give moment in time.

He achieves like Steve Jobs of Apple that all folks on Earth buy his smartphone that will explode and kill the buyer and his family or any person around, when activated by his central computer some given signal sent out from his satellites around our globe.

Of course, a British very secret service with name of "Kingsman" is able to stop the process, take charge over the computer of the Nigger who owns one of the biggest conglomerates on Earth. The result of this intervention is the fact, that Britain can murder instead of humanity some hundreds of the major heads of this crazy man including the chiefs of state etc., having earlier in the Hollywood film followed the bright ideas of our black killer.

Well, sure, all folks in all towns on Earth were saved and all were happy afterwards and lived for ever.

When the film was ended, I said to my friend, some women, and to my dog, some dog, how crazy Hollywood has become and how world paranoia of present times had taken over the lead over our brains:

"Funny, it is well known, that any person dies some day. There is no exception. And in fact, the black nigger was right, we are on the way to exterminate ourselves from the surface of the Earth very soon. Where is the difference of dying by a program in the smartphone - and the way it will be achieved - in the 21st Century by human stupidity?"

Now, for the folks, the experts, professors, philosophers and idiots on this globe in January 2017, it is time to explain in what sort there is no way whatsoever, to prevent the complete extermination of humanity until 2099, in the following manner:

1. All folks finally die, and this is a principle since Adam and Eve, by natural death. But since we have all the time new births, we had an explosion of pops and of modern gadgets since 1900 and soon will reach in full luxury the number of 10 billion of folks on Earth.

2. Some folks will die in accidents, from cancer, by stupid measures, in wars, by torture, as a result of murdering religions, by belief in esoterics and so on. This is very normal and happened since Cesar became Chief of the Roman Empire.

3. Some folks will die when our capitalism or neoliberalism will collapse very soon and USA, China, India, Europe go down the drain, when nations get to the end by over-indebtedness, banks too big to fail getting rotten, all currencies of the globe being recognized to be zero-values - and all folks getting nuts, when cash and fortune go down to zero. This program is not to be prevented and by about 2025, the whole procedure is started or even ended. The result will be a world-wide revolution and the massacre on the One Percent of rich and governing Class by the 99 percent of idiots, fallen in complete poverty and misery without any hopes and rights.

4. The way our economic life in luxury is organized and some Hitler, Stalin, Ronald, Popper, Trump, Putin and other idiots have taken over the government over our existence, we will soon realize that all imports and exports come to a stop, we shall see get out any sort of resources, sand, metal, cash, seldom earths, possibilities and survival tactics, after the finance crash, and then by wars, civil wars and suicide, some 40 percent of humans shall die before 2050.

5. By terror acts of religion and other cripple thinking, the means for killing will explode and the manners of killing masses will no longer be lorries or planes in skyscrapers, but pandemics going around our world and atom bombs exploding in any town - and the reaction of those cripples and fools governing us, will kill equally masses of folks.

6. It is clear that the life-style of the 20th Century, dictated by the Jews of Wall Street, the Chicago School of Friedman, by WEF and AIPAC etc. should have led to the extermination of USA and Israel and  the tax fraud land Switzerland, but instead we saw the birth of Silicon Valley, total surveillance of humans worldwide and the idea, by killing our planet we could believe in the wonder of a luxury life for 10 billion of idiots, on the level of Swiss upper class idiots, paying no taxes since 1950 until today.

7. Naturally, we live in a world, where all oceans are full of plastic and atom crap and other things. Same goes for our geosphere, were in the future, living in mega-towns, getting rotten together with all infrastructures, all folks are bound to die from missing nourishment, stinking water, pandemics of gene influenced idiocy of science and some other matters not seen yet.

8. But the worst of all is the fact, that since 1975, the point of no return, there is no way or Plan B, to prevent the complete collapse of weather mechanics and the truth, how from now on we shall experience each year more, in an exponential line, some terrifying droughts, floods, super-storms and monster waves in oceans, our brain was never able to foresee. In other words, there is no possibility to stop the time bomb of our extermination by own former crimes in ecology.

Well, it is clear that Marine Le Pen, Berlusconi, Trump, Putin, the 3000 idiots from Beijing, the Abe shit of Japan, the overpops idiots of Africa or Brazil or Egypt and Indonesia or India, will prevent the crash of world finance industry and the Jews of Israel stop the craze in the Middle East and the central banks Fed and ECB and Bank of China and Japan prevent the non-valeur of Dollars, Yen, Yuan, Euro, Pound, SFR etc. - but it is clear that such brain-sick types will not even know, how their own shit stinks to heaven.

They missed my scripts and especially the "Highest Rules of Accounting", but this is another story.

In the meantime, all media of Murdoch and other cripples will tell us, how we live today in the "Best of all Worlds", never we would have got less wars and religion torture, never more of intellect kids playing chess and never more cars and planes and cruiser ships and atom works and bombs than ever - and whoever would preach the contrary, must be some crazy and poor brain without any fair and generally accepted value.

Now, as it is, I am living between some 7,5 billions of crazy and poor brains without any sort of intellect and imagination.

But this exactly is the reason, why I wrote some 15 books and in the meantime some 3000 Editors Letters like this one here.

It does not matter, how folks die and how death comes.

It has never been a problem to get rid of humanity, there is no need for any "Kingsman" or other WEF or AIPAC ORG.

We are done - that's the truth of this day - friends.

René Delavy - Berlin and Bournemouth

written on January 9, 2017